Ethical Products

2023/12/18 21:04




[The expiration date.]

I recommend you to consume it within 48 hours after pickling and refrigerating.




[The flavored liquid]

(1)You cannot use oils and fatty substances (fresh cream, etc.)
(2)When you season fruits, I recommend you to use syrup ore concentrated fruit juice because you may feel the taste is light with ordinary juice.
In the case of syrup, I recommend you to soak it for 24 hours or dilute it with water.
It depends on the type of fruit juice, the color may not penetrate well into the grains.
(3)Please dissolve the product with high concentration (condensed milk and Wasabi paste, etc.) in water.
When it immerses in a strong acid liquid, the strength of the outer coating may decrease slightly over time.
(4)Alcohols also solidify the liquid inside (jelly-like alcohol.)
(5)If it is below 100℃, you can put it in a warm liquid (soup, etc.).




[Containers used for cooking]

(1)Always use clean containers.
(2)Please use the container that Petitel can be soaked in the flavored liquid completely.
(3)It is possible to store it in a bottle in the flavored liquid and boil to sterilize it, but please set the expiration date under your responsibility.